Living and Loving Well (LLW) guides you toward your truth, refocuses your WILL and helps you answer the question, "WHO AM I?".

  • Have you ever wondered what makes you tick? Not just the simple things but who are you at the core?
  • What are your values?
  • How do you define a healthy relationship?
  • Do you have personal mission statements?

Its's for your mind and spirit...
Quite simply, LLW is a field guide designed for spiritual journey-men and women, who seek a deeper understanding of themselves as well as a solid willingness to create positive change in their lives. The course helps define your 'Spiritual Blueprint', which can also be described as your spiritual foundation, core self or higher self. It's a series of quick and easy personal development exercises that create better decision making, help you attract healthier relationships, makes you feel better about yourself and most importantly, defines WHO YOU ARE.

"The LLW course is a concentrated, beneficial and juicy method to really research who you are as a person and what you stand for."

This self guided journey is built on the basic principle that most of us were not taught how to define ourselves, the roles we play, or the qualities we desire in relationships. As a result, we adopt our parents (or care givers) patterns, behaviors and decision making skills. This means that since we haven’t learned to define WHO WE ARE or what it is we DO want, we seek out people and situations that are based on other peoples "schtuff", other peoples patterns, NOT what our heart and spirit desire.

This field guide illuminates YOUR CORE SELF so you can live a life based on your TRUTH. Living without a clear self definition is why people often say, 'He acts just like his father' or 'Why do I keep attracting the same type of guys. I'm smarter than this but I keep doing the same thing' or 'She married her father' or 'Why do my friends treat me this way?' or quite simply, 'Who am I'?

Getting started is easy!!

  • STEP 1:
    • Download the eBook - it's only $1.99 - (cheaper than everything even a dozen eggs)
    • Order a hard copy for $7.95 (save 20% now)
  • STEP 2: Finish the exercises
  • STEP 3: Review daily, apply and allow the Universe to follow your lead

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Paperback version is only $7.95 (saves you 20%)
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About the program...

LLW defines YOU! The Field Guide is a 4 step process designed for the modern hectic lifestyle. It's quick and to the point. The exercises will make you think about yourself but more importantly, it's a step by step path toward defining your own "Spiritual Blueprint". You'll no longer ask yourself, "Who am I?". The answer will be written down so you can read it every morning.

The exercises were created using proven corporate techniques, then modified to help every one succeed in identifying their true self. The book and ebook are short and to the point, designed to help you quickly create your core values, life statements, and a solid relationship model. The combination of the three form the foundation of your identify and truth. The completed course is also a terrific percursor to coaching or therapy.

The LLW course only requires two things: First, your own copy of the LLW Field Guide so you can mark it up and take notes. And secondly, a real desire to discover your truth. Spiritual Journeymen apply within.

The LLW Principle...

The people and situations you attract are based on two things: a set of core values that govern your future actions and decisions; and the qualities you desire in all relationships. The combination of the two is your unique identifier among billions, and is the foundation to living a well defined life.

Here’s the catch...
Most of us were not taught how to define either a personal set of core values, or the qualities we desire in relationships. As a result in relationships, we adopt our parents (or care givers) patterns, behaviors and decision making skills, which create the anxiety you feel when continuing to find Mr./Miss Wrong, making the same mistakes even though you know better, or being in a marriage but not being able to figure out what needs to be improved. Since you haven’t learned to define what it is you DO want, you seek out relationships based what you observed. Love is a pattern you learned.

In other areas such as work or friends, you may spend years learning through trial and error, and often times repeating the same mistakes, or feeling as if something is missing, all of which create self doubt and inner conflict. Living a well defined life means attracting friends and colleagues that are aligned with your Core Values.

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A little more about Living and Loving Well..

  • LLW is a specialized personal development course that defines your baseline or 'spiritual blueprint' for what defines you as a person. We all share commonalities in the world but it's your ' spriritual blueprint' that is your unique identifier among billions. It's what guides all of your actions and decisions.

  • If you're in the market for a life coach, business coach or therapist, the results of this method are a MUST for getting started. Using these results will help fast track your progress because you'll be making decisions based on a defined self.

  • LLW affirms the reality that life can be lived on your own terms by defining what makes you tick. It utilizing the power of defining one's core values as a way to produce positive change.

  • LLW is founded on the principle that the people and experiences in our lives are determined by our childhood observations. Unless taught otherwise, we'll continue repeating these old behaviors until we 'redefine' our role in the world.

  • LLW is an introspective way of looking at your life; it challenges you to understand why you love the way we do, how you choose the people you love, and is effective for enhancing all relationships, whether in business, in romance or with family and friends.

  • LLW will also help anyone fine tune a current relationship or identify areas for improvement.  Sometimes we just don’t know ourselves well enough to fix the problem.

Who's the best candidate for this journey?

  • Anyone willing to change! We're all journeymen. This course is designed to establish the building blocks to a better you.
  • You may be single and find yourself repeating the same old patterns, dating the same type of people, or feeling as if you can't trust your decisions.
  • You may be married or in a relationship but want to fine tune areas for improvement or learn how to vocalize your desires more clearly.
  • You may be someone who wants to discover what makes you tick.

Let's GO! We owe it to all the spiritual journeymen and women who have come before us to remain conscious and in our power, and power begins with truth.

Paperback version is only $7.95 (saves you 20%)
eBook is only $1.99

Or start NOW with our free articles.

What are the benefits?

  • The development of your 'Spiritual Blueprint' which includes a strong Relationship Model, Core Values and Life Statements and how to apply them to your life.
  • Positive life long changes.
  • Inner wisdom and happiness.
  • A new personal foundation so you can attract healthier, more fulfilling relationships.
  • An understand of why relationships are filled with repetitive behaviors and unhealthy decisions even though you ‘know better.’
  • Increased confidence.
  • Better decision-making based on your own self definition.
  • 2-4 documents specific to your core values that can be used for the rest of our life.

Good luck on your journey! Be safe and align yourself with all that is good. We owe it to ourselves to remain conscious of our truth, this is our purpose and necessary for the health of the collective whole