Article 6

Judgment, Intolerance and the Law of Attraction
By Jill Richburg

One of the things folks find most challenging about manifesting their desires is getting into vibrational alignment – that is, making sure every part of them is in agreement with their goal.  You probably know, for instance, that if you want lots of money you need to be sure there isn’t a part of yourself saying, “Yeah, but then no one will like me anymore.”  A fear like that will ensure that you accidentally-on-purpose miss every opportunity to make the kind money you want. 

That’s a fairly obvious example, because the desire and the limiting belief relate to the same thing: money.  But there are other limiting choices we can make that prevent us from manifesting our desires, and they usually appear to be totally unrelated to those desires.  Decisions to discriminate against, judge, or to be intolerant of others fall into this category.  Let’s look at two ways this principle operates.

First, judgment, intolerance, and indignation (no matter how righteous!) move you away from your true nature.  Have you ever noticed that when there’s nothing unusual going on in your world, your mood naturally tends toward peace, contentment, affection, and ease?  That’s the real you.  Negative thoughts and beliefs split you off from this peaceful you, and create a sort of second self – a self that views your peaceful self as wrong or naïve about what goes on in the “real world.”  Your energy becomes scattered and your manifestations contradictory or even stagnant as the Universe asks, “Who is in charge here?”

When you present conflicting choices to the Universe, it tends to respond to the most emotionally-charged thoughts and manifest them most noticeably.  Therefore, the sender of the thoughts experiences their manifestation.  To illustrate how this works, think of the Universe, the entity that is the source of all that sustains you and of which you are a part, as a gigantic bowl of soup.  You live in that bowl.  Let’s say you have negative feelings toward some group of people, even if only in your mind.  Those emotions go right into the soup bowl.  Although those thoughts were meant for someone else, as they circulate around the bowl, you also become their receiver.  If you’ve ever met someone who seems to have no use for people and noticed how difficult life really is for them as a result, you’ve seen this principle in action.

Second, as the Universe manifests your goals, it must always work within the confines of your will.  If it is your will to have nothing to do with entire groups of people, so shall it be done! The problem though, is that people are the primary channels through which the Universe manifests your goals!

Have you ever noticed how successful people frequently tend to be open to meeting and learning about people?  Although they are clear about and focus on what they wish to create, they don’t bog the Universe down unnecessarily with “no’s” and “not with them’s.”

Think about your goals.  Do you also have a list of uh-uh’s and no-way’s about people?  Consider how that list may be limiting your ability to manifest, and some of the ways you may be burdening your present reality by harboring these feelings.  You may be surprised to find the door to your heart can open, and that you can manifest with the help and camaraderie of people you never thought would be on your side.  So do the work!  I support you.

About the Author

Jill Richburg is an attorney, life coach, and acting teacher in New York City.  She has been studying metaphysics since the age of nine.  She is the author of the upcoming book, “The ‘Blaw’ of Attraction – A Black Person’s Guide to Mastering the Law of Attraction.” Questions and comments about this article may be directed to her at