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Brief Description

Living and Loving Well' is a powerful method that develops your core values as a means to eliminate frustrating patterns in romance, friendship and work. It explains 'WHY' we attract unfulfilling people and situations, and offers 4 simple exercises to stop them from recurring. This quick book is your first step to self-discovery!!

The LLW method teaches that your life can be lived on your own terms. Living a well-defined life means attracting friends, colleagues or romantic partners that are aligned with your Core Values. It also means reducing and eventually eliminating the amount of times you find yourself in unfulfilling or unhealthy situations.

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"If you like short books that get the message done, this is the book for you. It's chock full of information."
- Dr. Monique Chpaman, PhD, Walking with Spirit Radio

It's Effective Because:

  • Is written as a Field Guide, so it's short and simple to accommodate our hectic lifestyles, so it gets to the point and only provides the information you need.

  • It adopts similar methods used by successful companies that design and communicate values and Mission Statements to create clear and unified direction. As individuals we should have the same opportunity.

  • It will walk with you step by step as you re-evaluate your life, your decisions and relationships.

  • Is an innovative collection of tools & techniques that teach you how to define your 'spiritual blueprint' so that you can begin attracting the relationships you want.

  • It goes beyond the general explanation of why we repeat patterns in our relationships, and through the process STOPS them from repeating.

"I'm really going to pay attention to this book. I'm very impressed. We get a lot of guests with a lot of books and this one I can actually read."- "Chat with Women" hosts Pam & Rochelle, KKNW 1150, King County, Washington


Get the paperback - only $14.95
Get the eBook - only $5.95

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