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testimonials #1

"Joe gave me the tools to look at my personal relationships and help me break the dysfuncational pattersn that are so easily repeated. Living and Loving Well is a method that works if y ou are brave and willing to make the journey.

It helped me carve a new path for my relationships with other and myself. It is a constant process of evaluating myself and my relationships and shows me how to attract people in my life who possess the qualities that I want in my life. It is a journey worth taking." - D. D, Worthington, OH

testimonials #2

"Defining who I am and what I want to give back to others in terms of relaionships has been immensely valuable to me on every level - physical, emotional, mental, spiritual.

I was inspired to be the kind of person I wanted in my life, so that I could jettison unwanted tendencies and habits to make room for improved relationships with others, intimately and professionally.

The work I've done with Joseph has changed my life so deeply. The LLW course is a concentrated, beneficial, and juicy method to really research who you are a person and what you stand for - I really know on an intimate level now what my core values are. I have become accountable for the quality of relationships I have with others - you get what you are willing to give. I've sought answers from outsiders for years, through therapy, marriage counseling, and the usual myriad methods, to why I have peopled my life with certain relationships. I now truly understand that I was just settling for whatever I could get out of life instead of reaching out for what I needed. My ability to articulate my values through actions and words has brought treasures into my life that I never knew were possible. Joseph is able to help translate all the balled up, mixed up, jumbled up thinking into coherant, fluid, inspired, and personally tailored guidelines for anyone to build solid foundations in every aspect of life.

THANK YOU so much for your brilliant observations and help in formatting my core values into a diagram I could use to build the relationships of MY dreams."- P. B, Chicago, IL

testimonials #3

"After years of trying to figure out my 'relationship issues' through various self help books, therapists, and magic potions, I have found something that makes sense to me! The Living and Loving Well process has given me the opportunity to discover who I am and what it means to be on a path towards blissful and healthy relationships - not only with others, but with myself.

What an amazing gift and I am so grateful to Joe for working with me. Thank you LLW!!" - P. T, Hoboken, NJ

testimonials #4

"I have been on a path of self-discovery for some time now, as a yoga teacher and seeker of living a full life, however the Living and Loving Well process took my journey to a whole new level. Defining what I really want in relationships has helped me make informed decisions that are not strictly driven by old patterns and emotions.

I have learned not to waste energy on relationships that are not true to my spirit. For this I am truly grateful! I believe that the Living and Loving Well process is essential for one's journey towards cultivating more healthy and happy relationships. Thanks to Joe for being such an amazing guide!" - L. B, River Edge, NJ

testimonials #5

"Knowing and defining what I identify as core to ME has really helped. I find myself more and more surrounded with good people and I continue to tell myself to seek and expect more greatness in my life.

It apears to be taking form in different areas including career and family. I even find myself in the fourth month of dating a very nice guy. Having a very organic, slow, comfortable experience with him, which is so very different from what I'm used to. That is an enormous step in the right direction for me. Thank you for the opporrunity to self reflect and learn more about ME. I think what you are doing is truly great! - G. B, New York, NY

testimonials #6

"After reading L&LW a couple of times and doing the exercises, I realized that I can finally be free of my old thoughts. I am 63 years old and all my life I was driven by what I was taught as a child. My spirit has come alive and I feel that the rest of my life will be wonderful. My parents were ruling my life even from the grave, but not any longer.

Many years of therapy did not do what this book has done for me. I am so grateful for my life, for this book, and for the joy it has brought me. Thank you Joe for your insight and your thoughtfulness."- M. M, Miami, FL

testimonials #7

"I have been in a marital commitment for 40 years and over time began to feel ill-matched and unsatisfied. As I delved into the exercises of the LLW method, I began to realize that not only was I still looking for certain qualities in a relationship, I had much room for improvement myself.

Upon completing LLW I am amazed at how I have personally changed, making better decisions and have fallen into a more comfortable, balanced relationship. The LLW method did more for me than you can imagine. It brought out things that I had buried within myself. I'm on the way to being the real me again. Thank You." - J.Y., Lynch, Ky

testimonials #8

"Going through the process with Joe allowed me to answer the one question I've avoided my whole life, "What do I want out of the relationships in my life?"

Now that I have that answer, I make healthier decisions that rid my life of bad relationships and in turn help me maintain healthy productive relationships." - L. S, Queens, NY

testimonials #9

I got to know myself better and make improvements in my life along with way by trying out the simple exercises in the book. It's a nice step by step process to get a more intimate look into my values and beliefs. I like saying the mantra, "This is my life", it amazes me how emphasizing the different words can bring on new meaning and help get refocused, calmed, and balanced when things seem overwhelming." - P. N, Westlake, OH

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